B i o g r a p h y

I grew up in a musical family and began playing piano at the age of seven. Around age 12, I transitioned to the guitar. I have been a fan of classical guitar music since the age of 14. I have played in several different bands throughout my life, spanning many genres. After getting married, I began playing as a solo guitarist in 2007.

For my first year or so of playing as a soloist, my repertoire consisted of only classical music. Eventually, I began to add more contemporary music, as it became obvious that most of my clients enjoyed a mixture of old and new styles. My current repertoire includes the more widely-known classical pieces, mixed with popular tunes from the 1940s through today. My goal is to play a wide variety of music so that each of your guests will be familiar with at least one tune, regardless of age.

I am not "classically trained" in the traditional sense of the term. That is, I do not have a musical pedigree and have not trained under a world-renowned teacher. I took classical guitar lessons in my teens from a gentleman who was working on his Masters in Guitar Performance (teaching was part of his degree plan). Aside from that, I am a self-taught hobbyist. I have a "day job" as a technical writer in the high-tech industry, but music is my passion.

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